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c2k15: pirofti@ on Octeon architecture progress
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Jul 31 17:00:20 2015 (GMT)
from the what, octopus? dept.

Next up in the c2k15 reports series is Paul Irofti (pirofti@), who writes:

I arrived in Calgary with two projects in mind: writing an ACPI WMI driver and adding Flash driver support for the Octeon D-Link DSR-500 machine. This was obviously naive of me as I have not even started working on the former and barely managed to finish the later.

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c2k15: afresh1@ on libtool(1), encouragement, locales, and Hipster coffee
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Jul 31 15:57:16 2015 (GMT)
from the brew me a widechar dept.

Our next c2k15 report comes from Andrew Fresh (afresh1@). Andrew writes,

I started off the hackathon without a specific project in mind hoping something interesting would come up. In the mean time I thought I would work on running the GNU libtool tests with our libtool(1) in order to see if there were things I could fix or improve. I did get it to run, but their autowhatever tools to get it to go confused me too much and I ended up running `make test` in the port and stealing the test infrastructure from there. It turns out that was the wrong tack to find broken things in libtool. All the complaints were because our error messages don't look like their error messages or other similarly useless problems. If I end up back at this, I'll instead go find ports that use the other libtool and see if I can figure out why they use it.

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c2k15: sashan@ on SMP pf progress
Contributed by phessler on Thu Jul 30 18:06:37 2015 (GMT)
from the filter me multiply dept.

One of our new developers, Alexandr Nedvedicky (sashan@), writes in to tell us about his trip to the lovely locale of Calgary for c2k15.

It's been an honor for me to spend a week with OpenBSD developers. I'd like to thank to mikeb@, who somehow made it happen. I've tried not to slack too much, committing all small bugfixes to PF, we've found in past, while porting PF to Solaris. There is still one more patch to come, I'm basically waiting for O.K. from bluhm@.

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c2k15: jsg@ on graphics work: Mesa, xenocara, drm, libGL
Contributed by pitrh on Tue Jul 28 18:09:22 2015 (GMT)
from the are these spikes real? dept.

The next c2k15 hackathon report comes from Jonathan Gray (jsg@), who got a lot done this time:

During c2k15 I mostly focussed on some of the userland parts of graphics support, Mesa which implements the OpenGL library and libdrm the library which abstracts/wraps drm ioctls sent to the kernel.

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c2k15: rzalamena@ on mpw(4), network MP safety
Contributed by tj on Sat Jul 25 18:29:01 2015 (GMT)
from the it's all a bunch of tubes dept.

For our next c2k15 installment, we welcome new developer Rafael Zalamena (rzalamena@), who just submitted his first-ever hackathon report:

My name is Rafael Zalamena (rzalamena@) and this was my first OpenBSD hackathon.

I was invited to the hackathon early this year to help renato@ and mpi@ to deal with the commit of mpw(4) device to finish the VPLS implementation for OpenBSD, but after the first days in Calgary I was offered an account to do my first commits.

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c2k15: jeremy@ on ruby work, kernel and libc bugs, ports progress
Contributed by pitrh on Sat Jul 25 18:24:17 2015 (GMT)
from the do they serve pufferfish dept.

Our series of c2k15 hackathon reports continues with this entry from Jeremy Evans (jeremy@):

I had a great time at c2k15 and got a lot of work done.

The first major project I worked on was switching the default version of ruby in the ports tree from 2.1 to 2.2. That's a fairly simple change, but it requires testing a bulk build of the ruby ports, which brought up some issues that had to be fixed in a handful of ports.

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c2k15: mpi@ on trunk(4), pf(4), wifi, routing, bridge(4) and more
Contributed by tj on Fri Jul 24 18:30:12 2015 (GMT)
from the bits flying, packets soar dept.

Our next c2k15 report comes from Martin Pieuchot (mpi@), who appears to have had a quite productive hackathon:

As expected, I spent most of my time during this hackathon working on the network stack. But apart from a crazy trunk(4) bug fix I did not write much code during the week and this was completely new to me!

I always though that hackathons were the best place to write code, but what's even more important is that they are the best (well actually only) moment where one can discuss and coordinate projects with other developers IRL. And that's what I did.

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c2k15: jasper@ on puppet progress, sed(1) enhancements and more
Contributed by pitrh on Thu Jul 23 12:43:46 2015 (GMT)
from the puppets in their place dept.

This just in - a fresh hackathon report, this time from Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse (jasper@). Jasper writes,

It seems to have become a standard part of my hackathons these days: Puppet. While I didn't work that much on Puppet itself this hackathon, I did spend a great deal of time before and at the hackathon on Facter. Facter is a tool used by Puppet to gather various bits of system information (facts). These can be trivial facts such as hostname and architecture, but also more complex and structured facts such as mountpoints and network interface information.

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c2k15: ajacoutot@ on rc.d refinements, ports churn and sysmerge's future
Contributed by pitrh on Wed Jul 22 20:54:17 2015 (GMT)
from the we will rcctl you dept.

Next up in our series of c2k15 hackathon reports is from Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@), who writes:

A few days before the hackathon, I worked on a few rc.d(8) related things that I wanted to (and did) commit at the start of the week to give me a chance to fix any fallout.

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