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BSDNow Episode 064: Rump Kernels Revisited
Contributed by tbert on Fri Nov 21 11:38:38 2014 (GMT)
from the not-a-sipping-tea dept.

On this week's episode, the intrepid hosts talk about the import of SipHash to the OpenBSD kernel, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@)'s talk (slides) about arc4random, an interview with Justin Cormack of NetBSD, and videos from MeetBSD coming online.

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Call for Testing: 64-bit PCI Bridge Support
Contributed by tbert on Thu Nov 20 09:53:52 2014 (GMT)
from the a-bridge-too-far dept.

Mark Kettenis (kettenis@) wrote a message to tech@ asking for volunteers to test a patch to squash a few bugs in the PCI code:

Hi All,

dlg@ managed to get access to a machine that actually uses 64-bit PCI
addresses behind a bridge.  This triggered some bugs in the so far
untested code.  Quelle suprprise!

I'd appreciate it if some people can verify that this doesn't break
other systems.  In particular I'm looking for testers on server-type
machines, both i386 and amd64.



If you have such a machine, you should make sure that this doesn't introduce any issues for you. As always, quality releases depend on widespread testing!

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Perl Updated to 5.20.1
Contributed by tbert on Tue Nov 18 16:54:27 2014 (GMT)
from the perl-jam dept.

Andrew Fresh (afresh1@) has updated Perl in base to 5.20.1:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2014/11/17 13:53:21

Log message:
    Import perl-5.20.1

Additionally, he wrote in to give us a quick intro to what he thinks are some of the more interesting changes to be found:

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BSDNow Episode 063: A Man's man(1)
Contributed by tbert on Fri Nov 14 08:43:50 2014 (GMT)
from the when-men-were-men-and-vaxen-were-scared dept.

This week, on BSDNow, the hosts talk about the recent MeetBSD, mention chatter on the Tor mailing lists about adding more OpenBSD nodes, interview with Kristaps Džonsons, the original author of mandoc(1), and all the odds and ends in the BSD universe.

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USB 3.0 Enabled in -current
Contributed by tbert on Mon Nov 10 16:03:28 2014 (GMT)
from the USB-3.0-the-legend-of-puffy's-gold dept.

For those of you who missed it on Friday, Martin Pieuchot (mpi@) enabled USB 3.0 support in OpenBSD:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2014/11/07 09:44:18

Modified files:
	sys/arch/i386/conf: GENERIC 
	sys/arch/amd64/conf: GENERIC 

Log message:
Enable xhci(4).  Most of the features are here, USB 1.x devices only work
if they are connected to the root hub and isochronous transfers are not
supported for the moment.

Let me know if your controller/device do not work.  In this case attach a
dmesg of a kernel build with XHCI_DEBUG.

ok deraadt@

Not everyone missed it, of course, with problem reports and fixes being seen over the weekend.

For those of you who'd been looking forward to using those blue USB ports of yours, now's the time to plug in as many 3.0 devices as you can find!

Edit: Of course, just about the time we publish this story, USB1.x devices are now supported on a USB3.x controller.

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Improving bcd(6)
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Nov 7 14:50:47 2014 (GMT)
from the doing the punch card shuffle dept.

Ted Unangst (tedu@) has written a blog post about fixing bugs in bcd(6), keeping with the recent trend of finding and fixing ancient bugs:

Owing to its BSD heritage, OpenBSD ships with a few games installed in /usr/games. Quite a few, in fact. There are more programs in games (46) than in /bin (43). Some of them aren’t really games, but more like toys, but nevertheless there they are. They aren’t exactly the focus of OpenBSD, but they’re still part of the system and do get the occasional maintenance update.

One such game is bcd, which prints out punch card looking diagrams of input strings. I made a few improvements to it recently.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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OpenBSD 5.6 Released
Contributed by pitrh on Sat Nov 1 18:11:52 2014 (GMT)
from the nothing-says-first-post-like-posting-first dept.

November 1st 2014, Calgary, AB, CA and elsewhere -

With reports coming in of pre-ordered CD sets arriving all over the world, the OpenBSD project today released OpenBSD 5.6, the project's 36th release on CD-ROM (37th downloadable).

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libressl Renamed to libtls
Contributed by tbert on Sat Nov 1 16:33:57 2014 (GMT)
from the the-library-formerly-known-as-ssl dept.

EDIT: as pointed out both in the comments below and privately, this renames not the installed SSL library, but the new "ressl" API library. Our apologies for the confusion.

Joel Sing (jsing@) has renamed the the installed LibreSSL library:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2014/10/31 07:46:17

Modified files:
	include        : Makefile 
	lib            : Makefile 
	share/mk       : bsd.README 
Added files:
	lib/libtls     : Makefile shlib_version tls.c tls.h tls_client.c 
	                 tls_config.c tls_init.3 tls_internal.h 
	                 tls_server.c tls_util.c tls_verify.c 
Removed files:
	lib/libressl   : Makefile ressl.c ressl.h ressl_client.c 
	                 ressl_config.c ressl_init.3 ressl_internal.h 
	                 ressl_server.c ressl_util.c ressl_verify.c 

Log message:
Rename libressl to libtls to avoid confusion and to make it easier to
distinguish between LibreSSL (the project) and libressl (the library).

Discussed with many

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BSDNow Episode 061: IPSECond Wind
Contributed by tbert on Fri Oct 31 15:28:30 2014 (GMT)
from the lowest-bidder-moderates-misc@ dept.

On this week's episode of BSDNow, the hosts talk about brave missionaries to the Linux continent, the ongoing auction for the first signed copy of The Book of PF, 3rd Edition, the imminent release of OpenBSD 5.6, and interview John-Marc Gurney about updating the FreeBSD IPSEC stack, wherein he shares his thoughts regarding cross-pollination between the BSD IPSEC stacks.

All that and other odds and ends in the week's BSD news.

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