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Welcome to the new OpenBSD Journal
From 2000 to April 1st 2004, this journal was well known as The administrators and editors James (Jim) Phillips and Jose Nazario did a great job, providing a valuable service for the OpenBSD community for years.

On April 1st 2004, much to the surprise and confusion of most readers, they announced the retirement of the journal. Initially, people didn't realize they weren't just pulling an April's fool joke, but were dead serious.

When reality dawned upon the readers, there were two questions. What happens to the existing archive of articles and comments? And who is going to step in and fill the gap? Initially, I just wanted to copy the web pages in case the original server would suddenly dissappear completely. Studying the PHP generated pages, relatively simple patterns emerged, and I started writing a CGI that would allow to browse the archive backup read-only, to preserve the over 1100 articles and 14000 comments, which might otherwise be lost.

Jim and Jose kindly gave permission to use the archive, those articles and comments are copyright of their respective authors. So the primary goal, preserving the vast pool of information and entertainment from the original OpenBSD Journal is achieved. I'd like to thank both Jim and Jose for their hard work during all those years, and for allowing their work to be preserved here. Thank you!

Well, it turned out that adding support for submitting new articles and comments wasn't much of a deal after that, so here's my proposal for a new OpenBSD Journal. There's much to be done, both in code features and, most importantly, in editing new articles. Volunteers are most welcome, drop us a mail.    -- Daniel Hartmeier, April 9th 2004

Id Name Email Comment
jj Janne Johanssonjj@stacken.kth.se
phessler phesslerspambox@theapt.org
pitrh Peter N. M. Hansteenpeter@bsdly.net
weerd Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerdweerd@weirdnet.nl
tj tjtj@openbsd.org
grey greygrey@artkiver.comAfter a hiatus beginning in 2006, I have returned in 2016. A BofH of the undead.
nayden Nayden Markatchevnayden@openbsd.org
rueda Ross
... and 1811 users!

If you're an editor and not listed above, login, edit preferences and set some web site (only accounts with non-empty web sites are shown here).

Date Name Contribution
2008.04.17Colin DidierSource patch (last-read marker for logged in users)
2007.04.12Pedro AlmeidaSponsored domain registrar fees
2006.10.11Nate MontagueNDA witch icon
2005.05.20Henrik HellerstedtImproved pf topic image
2004.09.20Nick HollandHTML patch (vlink/alink colors)
2004.08.17Chris ReidHTML template patches (improve comment threading in IE)

Want to contribute? Fetch the source tarball (see footer) and send in code or HTML patches or artwork. Or paypal some love to the editors.

Latest changes
Date Change
2007.08.20IPv6 connectivity enabled, try (2001:4830:155e::1)
2006.12.21user account registration opened
2006.05.15added captcha to submission form in response to repeated spamdalism
2006.04.18quoting the replied-to comment, based on a patch from Sean Cody. See RFC 1855 about how to use this properly
2006.01.02added RSS rate limiting
2005.12.27patched thttpd some more, it now passes If-Modified-Since: from client to cgi, which generates status 304 (Not Modified) to save bandwidth. also make thttpd log the real status and bytes sent to the client from the cgi. log stats (see below) should be more accurate from now on.
2004.08.19support polls
2004.08.18support password changes (editors)
2004.08.18fix loss of newlines on preview
2004.08.18support plain-text submission

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Copyright © 2004-2008 Daniel Hartmeier. All rights reserved. Articles and comments are copyright their respective authors, submission implies license to publish on this web site. Contents of the archive prior to April 2nd 2004 as well as images and HTML templates were copied from the fabulous original with Jose's and Jim's kind permission. Some icons from used with permission from Kathleen. This journal runs as CGI with httpd(8) on OpenBSD, the source code is BSD licensed. Search engine is ht://Dig. undeadly \Un*dead"ly\, a. Not subject to death; immortal. [Obs.]