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docbook2mdoc-1.0.0 released

Contributed by Ingo Schwarze on from the DocBook-considered-woeful dept.

After doing active development on it for about a month, i just released version 1.0.0 of the DocBook to mdoc converter, docbook2mdoc(1). The OpenBSD port was updated, too. In a nutshell, docbook2mdoc was brought from experimental status to an early release that can be considered mostly usable for production, though no doubt there are still many rough edges. That's why i called it 1.0.0 and not 1.1.1.

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t2k19 Hackathon Report: Stefan Sperling on 802.11? progress, suspend/resume and more

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the a better wakeup in the east dept.

A new hackathon report has arrived, this time from Stefan Sperling (stsp@), who writes:

This hackathon was an exceptional opportunity for several developers involved in 802.11 wireless to meet face to face. I spent a lot of time collaborating with Kevin Lo and Jonathan Matthew throughout the week.

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t2k19 Hackathon Report: Putting the hack(6) in hackathon, and other stories

Contributed by Anthony J. Bentley on from the hack the hack(6) dept.

Fresh from the t2k19 hackathon comes a report from Anthony J. Bentley (bentley@), who writes:

Seeing an Asia hackathon coming up was pretty exciting; I’d never been there before. I spent a month or so preparing by getting through the more mundane things in my backlog, mostly new ports and updates. That left my time in Taipei open to focus on fixing some bugs and broken things.

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a2k19 hackathon report from Ken Westerback (krw@)

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the shire lease dept.

Ken Westerback (krw@) writes in with his report from a2k19, the hackathon in New Zealand:

Due to an earlier (pre-737Max) airplane problem on the flight back from n2k18 in Usti nad Labem, a loosely worded compensation coupon and the cooperation of beck@ in exploiting said wording, I was able to fly Business Class over the Pacific and thus arrived well rested in BNE. Could have been even more rested if I hadn't had to rouse myself to raise a(nother) glass of champagne as we crossed the date line and it became someone's birthday. First world problems.

The alert reader will have noted that BNE is not where a2k19 was. But beck@ and I had decided to personally drag various Australians onto the flight to Wellington the next day.

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mandoc-1.14.5 released

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the table of the man dept.

Ingo Schwarze wrote in with the announcement of a new mandoc release. Ingo writes,

I just released mandoc-1.14.5. This is a regular maintenance release. As structural changes are quite limited, i expect it to be very stable, so all downstream systems are encouraged to upgrade from any earlier version.

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a2k19 Hackathon Report: Antoine Jacoutot on ports, syspatch(8), and more

Contributed by rueda on from the do devices hotplug counterclockwise down under dept.

We are delighted to have received an a2k19 hackathon report: Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@) writes:

Better (very) late than never… here's my small report about my a2k19 hackathon slacking time in Wellington (NZ).

The "Antipodean" hackathon they call it. Indeed, it took me 28h to get there from Paris via Singapore! Fortunately, I met with phessler@ and cheloha@ right on arrival at the airport. From there we went directly into town to visit the different bars with mlarkin@ as our guide :-).
The challenge was to find a way to keep us awake (12h of jet lag for me), and going around 6 different bars did the trick :-)

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