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OpenBSD and you, the 6.8 update

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the Puffy is good for you dept. co-editor Peter Hansteen writes in, saying,

On Saturday November 7th I remote participated in OpenFest 2020 with an updated version of the OpenBSD and you talk.

Recordings will be released after the conference, but I was happy enough with my dry run or backup recording that I'm making that available too, along with the slides to follow along. I hope this will be useful in your advocacy or education on OpenBSD and why the project matters.

In case you were wondering, this is an update on a talk we covered previously, with updates to cover the more recent OpenBSD 6.8.

How the OpenBSD -stable packages are built

Contributed by rueda on from the who-says-i'm-stable? dept.

Solène Rapenne (solene@) has written a blog entry on the software system underlying the building of -stable packages:

In this long blog post, I will write about the technical details of the OpenBSD stable packages building infrastructure. I have setup the infrastructure with the help of Theo De Raadt who provides me the hardware in summer 2019, since then, OpenBSD users can upgrade their packages using pkg_add -u for critical updates that has been backported by the contributors. Many thanks to them, without their work there would be no packages to build.

(-stable packages have been the subject of earlier articles.)

Readers are reminded that they can express their gratitude to solene@ and others by donating!

OpenBSD 6.8 Released

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the hacker people, fun and friends dept.

On its 25th birthday, the OpenBSD project has released OpenBSD 6.8, the 49th release.

The new release comes with a large number of improvements and debuts a new architecture, OpenBSD/powerpc64, running on the POWER9 family of processors. The full list of changes can be found in the announcement and on the release page. Some highlights:

Those upgrading from 6.7 should consult the Upgrade Guide.

Thanks to the developers for all the good work that went into this excellent new release!

While your install sets download or when your packages update, please take the time to look at and use one or more of the recommended ways to support the project, such as making a donation, buying T-shirts. Corporate entities may prefer sending some money in the direction of the OpenBSD Foundation, which is a Canadian non-profit corporation.

Cryptographic Signing using ssh-keygen(1) with a FIDO Authenticator

Contributed by rueda on from the token-effort dept.


Hitherto, releases of the fwobac software (which underlies Undeadly) have been unsigned. This is overdue for change, so for the latest release [version 1.7], we are providing a digital signature. As signing is being performed manually, why not employ an additional [hardware] factor?

signify(1) does not support the use of FIDO authenticators. However, recent versions of OpenSSH do support signing using the [under-appreciated] -Y sign option of ssh-keygen(1), and with the recent addition of FIDO authenticator support to OpenSSH [as reported previously], we have a means (using tools in base OpenBSD) of using a hardware factor when signing files.

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RETGUARD for powerpc and powerpc64 added to -current

Contributed by rueda on from the guard the power dept.

Todd Mortimer (mortimer@) has committed RETGUARD (see previous coverage) for the macppc (powerpc) and powerpc64 platforms:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2020/10/12 08:52:09

Modified files:
	gnu/llvm/clang/lib/Driver/ToolChains: Clang.cpp 
	gnu/llvm/llvm/lib/Target/PowerPC: CMakeLists.txt 
	gnu/usr.bin/clang/libLLVMPowerPCCodeGen: Makefile 
Added files:
	gnu/llvm/llvm/lib/Target/PowerPC: PPCReturnProtectorLowering.cpp 

Log message:
Add RETGUARD implementation for powerpc and powerpc64.

ok deraadt@ kettenis@

See the Innovations page for the full list of platforms on which RETGUARD is implemented.

k2k20 hackathon report: Rafael Sadowski on KDE and other packages progress

Contributed by Peter N. M. Hansteen on from the the kode, it moves dept.

Fresh off the k2k20 hackathon, Rafael Sadowski (rsadowski@) writes in:

Due to the pandemic, this hackathon seemed to be called very spontaneously. Fortunately, the hackathon was over a weekend. This enabled me to attend without missing any professional obligations. On Friday morning, shortly after sunrise, I took the train to Bad Liebenzell. On the train I worked for my employer until I reached Karlsruhe at about 11am. I swapped my MacBook for my OpenBSD ThinkPad T470s.

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k2k20 hackathon report: Florian Obser on DNS

Contributed by Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd on from the unwinding with ze germans dept.

The fourth report from k2k20 comes from Florian Obser (florian@), who worked mostly on DNS related things:

I spent the week before the hackathon with monitoring the current pandemic situation. Will ze germans let me in? Will I put people at risk? In the end it all looked OK-ish and I booked my train ticket a day before leaving. Time to pack!

My current bag of holding is an Osprey Talon 22 and it fits an X1, roost laptop stand, Microsoft sculpt keyboard, assorted cables, toiletry bag and clothing for 6 days. Yes, this includes fresh underwear and T-Shirts for every day.

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k2k20 hackathon report: Klemens Nanni on network land decluttering

Contributed by rueda on from the hotwired or notwired dept.

Our next k2k20 report comes from Klemens Nanni (kn@):

I'd been looking forward to k2k20 just like my other hackathon with its unique atmosphere where getting work done in fact means holiday hacking with friends.

There was nothing big on my list but it had already grown into a rich assortment of issues and itches to scratch - this usually aligns well with the release cycle since it means focusing on regression fixes and polish during the -beta phase until the tree gets locked for release.

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OpenBSD Errata

OpenBSD 6.8

0062020-11-10 RELIABILITY rpki-client incorrectly checks the manifest validity interval.
0052020-11-10 RELIABILITY unwind fails to process large DNS replies.
0042020-11-05 RELIABILITY wg(4) could panic the kernel by releasing the wrong lock.
0032020-10-29 SECURITY tmux has a stack overflow in CSI parsing.
0022020-10-29 SECURITY When generating the ICMP6 response to an IPv6 packet, the kernel could use mbuf memory after freeing it.
0012020-10-29 RELIABILITY In bgpd, the roa-set parser could leak memory.

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