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Game of Trees 0.100 released

Contributed by rueda on from the again-and-again-and dept.

Version 0.100 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated).

* got 0.100; 2024-06-03
  see git repository history for per-change authorship information
- abort if we see a sha2 hash to quiet a potential compiler warning
- switch to using readdir because readdir_r is deprecated
- show hint about update -b if the user attempts to rebase a branch onto itself
- in got.1 EXAMPLES, mention how files can be moved or renamed
- fix running gotd regress in release tarball sources
- in gotd.8 add an example which illustrates how to create repositories for gotd
- don't leak the existence of gotd repositories to unrelated user accounts
- fix empty notification messages with multiple gotd notification targets
- display abbreviated commit/tag IDs in email notification subject lines
- fix Date header generated by got-notify-email
- regress: make server tests more robust against race hazard
- regress: replace userinfo(8) with the more common getent(1)
- fix wrong errno check in bufio_close_sync(), i.e. got-fetch-http
- bufio: crank BIO_CHUNK up to 64k for improved http fetch performance
- gotwebd.conf: remove `listen on socket off' and `unix_socket off' options
- gotwebd.conf: make `listen' a top-level statement
- gotwebd.conf: remove unix_socket_name option
- gotwebd.conf: allow changing the user ID which gotwebd runs as
- gotd/gotwebd: unify log.c
- gotwebd: use less temporary files in /tmp
- gotd/gotwebd: hide log_info() behind -v and log_debug behind -vv options
- fix confusing error message from 'got commit' upon uncommitable paths
- gotwebd: use the last matching fastcgi parameter if multiple parameters match
- gotwebd: remove previd and prevset query string parameter, they were unused
- plug 'got diff obj1 obj2' line metadata memory leak
- fix interop with servers that do not use Git protocol sidebands, such as git9
- reintroduce the 'got init' command as an alternative to 'gotadmin init'

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