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OpenSSH 9.3/9.3p1 released

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On , the release of version 9.3 of OpenSSH was announced:

Changes since OpenSSH 9.2

This release fixes a number of security bugs.


This release contains fixes for a security problem and a memory
safety problem. The memory safety problem is not believed to be
exploitable, but we report most network-reachable memory faults as
security bugs.

 * ssh-add(1): when adding smartcard keys to ssh-agent(1) with the
   per-hop desination constraints (ssh-add -h ...) added in OpenSSH
   8.9, a logic error prevented the constraints from being
   communicated to the agent. This resulted in the keys being added
   without constraints. The common cases of non-smartcard keys and
   keys without destination constraints are unaffected. This problem
   was reported by Luci Stanescu.

 * ssh(1): Portable OpenSSH provides an implementation of the
   getrrsetbyname(3) function if the standard library does not
   provide it, for use by the VerifyHostKeyDNS feature. A
   specifically crafted DNS response could cause this function to
   perform an out-of-bounds read of adjacent stack data, but this
   condition does not appear to be exploitable beyond denial-of-
   service to the ssh(1) client.

   The getrrsetbyname(3) replacement is only included if the system's
   standard library lacks this function and portable OpenSSH was not
   compiled with the ldns library (--with-ldns). getrrsetbyname(3) is
   only invoked if using VerifyHostKeyDNS to fetch SSHFP records. This
   problem was found by the Coverity static analyzer.

New features

 * ssh-keygen(1), ssh-keyscan(1): accept -Ohashalg=sha1|sha256 when
   outputting SSHFP fingerprints to allow algorithm selection. bz3493
 * sshd(8): add a `sshd -G` option that parses and prints the
   effective configuration without attempting to load private keys
   and perform other checks. This allows usage of the option before
   keys have been generated and for configuration evaluation and
   verification by unprivileged users.

This is, of course, already in -current, and can be expected to be in OpenBSD 7.3 (if not replaced by an even newer version!).

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