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OpenBSD Community Goes Gold
Contributed by rueda on Tue May 9 23:39:40 2017 (GMT)
from the 'ey you, let's look for some Iridium dept.

Kenneth R Westerback of The OpenBSD Foundation (aka krw@, when wearing his dev hat) writes:

Monthly paypal donations from the OpenBSD community have made the community the OpenBSD Foundation's first Gold level contributor for 2017!

These monthly paypal commitments by the community are our most reliable source of funds and thus the most useful for financial planning purposes. We are extremely thankful for the continuing support and hope the community matches their 2016 achievement of Iridium status.

To achieve that the donation rate needs to increase! Sign up now for a small monthly donation!

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Official OpenBSD 6.1 CD - There's only One!
Contributed by phessler on Fri May 5 07:11:10 2017 (GMT)
from the not-available-in-stores dept.

OpenBSD 6.1 was announced as the first release with no CD available for purchase.

Now it turns out that in fact, exactly one CD set was made, and it can be yours if you are the successful bidder in the auction that ends on May 13, 2017.

Bob Beck (beck@) writes in to tell us

An "Artisanally Made" collector's edition has been constructed for OpenBSD 6.1 - Featuring artwork actually drawn by Theo, (He took *lessons* to do this!) a short Haiku on the cover, and the 3 CD release set. It's up for auction on ebay to the highest bidder.

The CD set is hand made and signed by Theo de Raadt.

CDs in box

More pictures after the fold:

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Errata and (First) Binary Patches Announced
Contributed by rueda on Thu May 4 04:10:52 2017 (GMT)
from the patch me cos you can dept.

Errata for OpenBSD 6.1 and 6.0 have been announced. The message to [from T.J. Townsend (tj@)] reads:

Errata patches for dhcpd, vmm, LibreSSL and softraid have been released
for OpenBSD 6.1 today.

Details can be found on this page:

Binary updates for the amd64 and i386 platforms are also available via
the syspatch utility. Note that syspatch uses the mirror configured in
/etc/installurl, so all mirrors may not have the files yet.

OpenBSD 6.0 is only affected by the softraid issue.

A patch for it can be found here:

It's time to get (sys)patching!


In a follow-up email, Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@) wrote:

Due to a mistake in creating the syspatch archives, a multi-processor machine
would not default to the MP kernel. New syspatches have been re-rolled and
you're advised to revert and re-apply them (even on non-MP machines). Make sure
your mirror (/etc/installurl) has the new syspatches first (dated May 3rd).

As root:
   while true; do syspatch -r || break; done

If you're running on a multi-processor machine, you may also remove the extra
/ kernel. Sorry about that and thank you all for your report and feedback.

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OpenSSH Removes SSHv1 Support
Contributed by pitrh on Mon May 1 10:25:52 2017 (GMT)
from the it was a step up from telnet once dept.

In a series of commits starting here and ending with this one, Damien Miller completed the removal of all support for the now-historic SSHv1 protocol from OpenSSH.

The final commit message, for the commit that removes the SSHv1 related regression tests, reads:

Eliminate explicit specification of protocol in tests and loops over protocol. We only support SSHv2 now.

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OpenBSD 6.1 Song Released
Contributed by pitrh on Wed Apr 26 20:57:53 2017 (GMT)
from the we did our growing up in public dept.

Every OpenBSD release since 3.0 (back in 2001) has had at least one relase song, and OpenBSD 6.1 is no different. Today, Theo de Raadt released the OpenBSD 6.1. The Songs page has download links, lyrics and a background story, which reads:

OpenBSD was only a few months old when we realized that read-only repository access for everyone was a critical concept.

Previously, open source projects would make occasional releases accompanied by tarballs of final source files and Changelogs files, but would not expose the step-by-step changes of the development process. Unwittingly all open source projects were operating with a walled garden approach.

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The many ways of running firefox on OpenBSD
Contributed by weerd on Thu Apr 27 04:12:20 2017 (GMT)
from the mighty lizards and spiders dept.

Landry Breuil, OpenBSD's firefox (and other Mozilla ports) maintainer, writes:

Maybe i haven't talked about it enough on the lists, but since i've been maintaining the various mozillas in the portstree (cvs log says i started around firefox 3.6.something... 7 years ago. *sigh*) a lot of things changed, so i wanted take the 6.1 release as an occasion to sum up the various ways one could run which version of which firefox on which version of OpenBSD.

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clang(1) added to base on amd64 and i386
Contributed by rueda on Fri Apr 21 00:19:10 2017 (GMT)
from the the clanging is getting louder dept.

A series of commits, culminating in this one, have seen clang(1) added to the base system (as a non-default compiler) on the amd64 and i386 platforms:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2017/04/18 08:03:08

Modified files:
	share/mk       : 

Log message:
ship clang with i386 and amd64.  It does not become the main compiler YET.
ok kettenis

Those playing along at home (or elsewhere!) should be sure to check the Following -current FAQ.

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OpenBSD 6.1 Released
Contributed by pitrh on Tue Apr 11 14:51:10 2017 (GMT)
from the fugu-for-your-x dept.

April 11, 2017: The OpenBSD project has announced the availability of the newest release, OpenBSD 6.1:

We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 6.1.
This is our 42nd release.  We remain proud of OpenBSD's record of more
than twenty years with only two remote holes in the default install.

This release has several notable changes. The most visible are:

  • New syspatch(8) utility for binary base system updates to supported -stable amd64 and i386 releases
  • The acme-client, a privilege separated ACME client for easy maintenance of Let's encrypt TLS certificates

We expect these items will make the day to day running of OpenBSD systems significantly easier.

Other notable improvements include:

  • Several enhancements to vmm(4), including support for third-party BIOSes and Linux guests
  • New arm64 platform targeting Pine64, Raspberry Pi 3 and Opteron A1100
  • Continuing SMP improvements, particularly in the network stack
  • New xenodm(1) X display manager
  • Improved capabilites in a number of IEEE 802.11 wireless network drivers
  • Updates to the package system tools as well as the package collection itself, with increased number of prebuilt packages for the more popular (and faster) architectures

This release also has updated versions of OpenSMTPD, OpenSSH, LibreSSL, mandoc as well as incremental improvements to all other named subprojects.

The release page contains a fuller list of changes while the upgrade page gives recommendations on how to upgrade to the new release.

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Getting OpenBSD running on Raspberry Pi 3
Contributed by pitrh on Sun Apr 9 11:51:43 2017 (GMT)
from the Pi the puffy birdhouse dept.

Ian Darwin writes in about his work deploying the arm64 platform and the Raspberry Pi 3:

So I have this empty white birdhouse-like thing in the yard, open at the front. It was intended to house the wireless remote temperature sensor from a low-cost weather station, which had previously been mounted on a dark-colored wall of the house (reading were really high when the sun reached that side of the house!). But when I put the sensor into the birdhouse, the signal is too weak for the weather station to receive it (the mounting post was put in place by a previous owner of our property, and is set deeply in concrete). So the next plan was to pop in a tiny OpenBSD computer with a uthum(4) temperature sensor and stream the temperature over WiFi.

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