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Game of Trees 0.79 released.

Contributed by grey on from the got branches from the trenches dept.

Version 0.79 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated):

* got 0.79; 2022-11-08
- repair build on OpenBSD/sparc64 (patch by Ted Bullock)
- fix crash in gotd if client gets disconnected on error (reported by Mikhail)
- fix crash in got-send-pack when server does not announce any capabilities
- make gotd work as intended on an empty repository
- prevent freeing of bogus pointers in got_inflate_end() and got_deflate_end()
- reduce delta cache size to avoid running out of memory on large pack files
- add missing free of delta buffers in several error paths
- make 'got clone -b' work for repositories which lack a valid HEAD reference
- use sub-second precision when checking for objects/pack/ modification
- fix capabilities announced by gotsh when no references exist in repository

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