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Peter Hansteen on OpenBSD and you
Contributed by weerd on Tue Dec 27 15:42:29 2016 (GMT)
from the pitrh-promotes-puffy dept.

Undeadly editor Peter Hansteen (pitrh) recently spoke to the Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group (BLUG) on the subject "OpenBSD and you", and has shared the slides from the talk.

These make a great resource for preaching to the as-yet-unconverted.


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  Re: Peter Hansteen on OpenBSD and you (mod 3/49)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Wed Dec 28 06:28:31 2016 (GMT)
  Would it be possible to maybe get recordings of his speach?
Just in case they got recorded...

Also: 2 remote Holes aint rly correct... 3..... *ehem...*

Also Mr. Hansteen may not be aware of it: OpenBSD Code is part of Windows, Oracle also has included a lot stuff...

So let me critic some stuff....

"no Service enabled by default" is a false claim btw...
Service includes everything on startup....

About Ports: OpenBSB lacks security Software (especialy fuzzers :( ), some even get removed because it's old... (which should simply be a no-go, check for functionality and try to fix it if code is unmaintained.. Compiler-improvements or new Compilers can't get forseen 7yrs ago).

OpenBSD PF lacks improvements in the passive OS Fingerprinting.
1st the stuff included (PoS DB in /etc/!) but you can do Fingerprinting even based on ICMP and this is handy with IPv6.... the method I talk about is from 1996.... *greetings to everyone at 33C3*

Also SMP would be awesome.... PATCHES do exists.... just not applied/included and now they need more manpower to apply..

SpamD needs to get enhanced too... IPv6 for the win... \o/
Or it becomes useless.. additional baysan filtering would be absolutely awesome.... but of course this is CPU intensive..

The WiFi Stack needs massive enhancements, also in genereal the USB/IP Stack.. for the IP Stack I would even recomment to rewrite it but I aint capable (to do it RIGHT...) myself. The USB-Stack needs fuzzing...

Some WIFI drivers act weired.... like ATHN on an APU2 and an TP-Link N600 as AP... OpenBSD WILL stop to communicate at some point, I was unable to debug it for weeks, told STSP about it... but he lacks the SetUP but provided hints...

So... OpenBSd IS great, it's awesome and if you aint crazy nor an Idiot: You donate 10 (EUR/USD) a year... something everyone can do....

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