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m2k14: Ken Westerback on Installation, Disklabel Bugs, and Experiments in Sleep Deprivation

Contributed by tbert on from the no-sleep-until-dhcp-lease-expires dept.

Frequent contributor Ken Westerback (krw@) writes in with his report from the Sunny Climes of Marrakech...

I arrived in Marrakesh with guenther@, and after the usual hard bargaining (how much? 100MAD. OK) we got the taxi to take us to the hotel and were guided to the hackroom by logan@.

I immediately started to work on improved dhclient daemonization. This lasted a few hours until LibreSSL exploded on the scene. Spent a day or two working on some bits of LibreSSL but returned to more quiet waters after rewriting b_sock.c and failing to figure out how these changes could be tested.

I worked with rpe@ and halex@ on improving network configuration in the install scripts. I fixed a timestamp problem in msdosfs. I worked with otto@ on a disklabel bug, fixed a bug in dhclient related to multiple lease offers, worked with sthen@ to make dhclient's -L option more useful for monitoring programs like 'entr', and fixed various buglets in dhclient.

I also experimented with staying up late with henning@ but getting up early with guenther@. I don't recommend this. Excellent hacking facilities and nice job of organization by Loganaden! The 90 minute off-the-cuff lecture by guenther@ to a surprise audience of students was a priceless tour de force aided by multimedia maestro reyk@

Many thanks to Ken for braving the time dilution qualities of henning@ and guenther@ for us.

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