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b2k13 hackathon report: Florian Obser (florian@) on nginx.conf(5), slowcgi
Contributed by jcr on Fri Oct 25 08:50:36 2013 (GMT)
from the future-soon dept.

Our sixth b2k13 hackathon report comes from Florian Obser (florian@), who writes:

Some time ago Reyk Floeter (reyk@) mentioned that it would be really nice to have a nginx.conf(5) man page. I started looking into generating mdoc(7) from upstream's XML files (nginx XML docs) with XSLT and some heuristics in perl. Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) was kind enough to look over an early draft of the first section ("Core Functionality") and giving me a lot of valuable input on all the things I was doing wrong.

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b2k13 hackathon report: Sebastian Reitenbach (sebastia@) on GNUstep sope sogo
Contributed by tbert on Fri Oct 25 07:15:26 2013 (GMT)
from the one-giant-step-for-softwarekind dept.

Our fifth b2k13 hackathon report comes from Sebastian Reitenbach (sebastia@), who writes:

Most of the time during the hackathon I spent working on the GNUstep related ports. My goal was to upgrade at least i386 and amd64 to compile with clang and enable the non fragile ABI, and upgrade libobjc2 to the latest release. Most of the bits were already prepared the months before. Two ports were still known to not compile, www/sope and www/sogo. After I got those problems sorted out, and the ports prepared for the libobjc2 upgrade, I was able to start upgrading the GNUstep ports step by step, upgrade gnustep-base, and libobjc2.

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AsiaBSDCon 2014 Announced
Contributed by jcr on Wed Oct 23 12:37:07 2013 (GMT)
from the goodnight-tokyo dept.

Undeadly readers might want to know about the announcement for AsiaBSDCon 2014 and the call for papers/tutorials dates:

AsiaBSDCon is a conference for users and developers on BSD based systems. The next conference will be held in Tokyo, in 13-16 March, 2014. The conference is for anyone developing, deploying and using systems based on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Darwin and MacOS X. AsiaBSDCon is a technical conference and aims to collect the best technical papers and presentations available to ensure that the latest developments in our open source community are shared with the widest possible audience.

Deadline for Paper Submissions: 29 November 2013

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b2k13 hackathon report: Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) on i386 and amd64 hibernation
Contributed by jcr on Wed Oct 23 07:32:48 2013 (GMT)
from the why-do-bears-hibernate dept.

Our fourth b2k13 hackathon report comes from Mike Larkin (mlarkin@), who writes:

I only had three days I could budget for Berlin (18-20 Oct), and I spent the time continuing hibernate work on amd64. i386 had been solid for some time, and preliminary amd64 support on uniprocessor had been committed at the n2k13 hackathon in Dunedin, New Zealand, so multiprocessor support got the attention at the t2k13 general hackathon in Toronto, Canada earlier this year and again in Berlin (b2k13).

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OpenBSD 5.4 preorders arriving in Europe
Contributed by pitrh on Wed Oct 23 14:33:57 2013 (GMT)
from the early bird gets the CD dept.

The first report of OpenBSD 5.4 preorders arriving in Europe appeared on October 23, just over a week before the official November 1st release date!

Fred Crowson was the first pre-orderer to report to that his pre-ordered CD set had arrived.

Fred also posted a twitter link to a picture of the newly arrived CD sets.

Well done, Fred! And well done OpenBSD Europe!

We expect to see more reports of preorders arriving over the next few days.

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b2k13 hackathon report: Miod Vallat (miod@) on UTF-8 wscons
Contributed by pitrh on Wed Oct 23 06:51:37 2013 (GMT)
from the UTF-8 means Use The Force dept.

Our third b2k13 hackathon report comes from Miod Vallat (miod@), who writes:

I was intending to spend b2k13 working on the glass console subsystem, wsdisplay(4), and especially two areas: UTF-8 support on console, and loadable font support for raster displays (i.e. every display but text-mode vga).

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b2k13 hackathon report: Stefan Sperling (stsp@) on athn(4), softraid, ports
Contributed by jcr on Wed Oct 23 08:00:58 2013 (GMT)
from the where-we're-going-we-don't-need-wires dept.

Our second b2k13 hackathon report comes from Stefan Sperling (stsp@), who writes:

I spent most of my time at the b2k13 hackathon trying to get an Atheros AR9485 mini-PCIe card to work with the athn(4) driver. Driver code for this card was initially added by Damien Bergamini (damien@) in 2010 but has never been working. Which is not surprising since Damien didn't have any hardware to play with at the time.

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b2k13 hackathon report: Joerg Jung (jung@) - ports, IPv6 spamd
Contributed by jcr on Wed Oct 23 07:31:28 2013 (GMT)
from the something sixy brewing dept.

Joerg Jung (jung@) was the first developer to submit a report from the now concluded b2k13 hackathon in Berlin. Joerg writes,

During b2k13 I was working on updating several ports I maintain and use daily. This especially includes commits to lout, some ports and nyancat. The latter one is really a very important port and requires careful handling as it is obviously used by many on a daily basis.

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New queueing system now in -current
Contributed by jcr on Thu Oct 17 18:38:17 2013 (GMT)
from the really-shaping-up dept.

Long thought to be a mythical beast by many, the new queueing system (aka traffic shaping, also hinted at here) has now finally been committed to the official OpenBSD source tree.

With a series of commits on October 12th, 2013, starting with this one, Henning Brauer (henning@) added the new queueing system to OpenBSD-current.

The altq(4) subsystem will stay in for a transition period, but if you don't want to transition just yet, you still have to make one tiny adjustment to your pf.conf. The Following -current FAQ has some pointers, while the updated pf.conf man page has all the details.

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