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BSDTalk interview with Chris Cappuccio about nsh and flashrd
Contributed by tbert on Wed Aug 21 15:09:55 2013 (GMT)
from the slimming-down-your-routers dept.

The BSDTalk podcast interviews Chris Cappuccio, developer of nsh and flashrd for OpenBSD. NSH is a CLI intended for OpenBSD-based network appliances, and flashrd creates OpenBSD images tailored for embedded hardware devices and for executing from a virtualized environment.

Editor's Note: our apologies to Mr. Backman for not publishing this in a more timely manner.

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64-bit Time on OpenBSD
Contributed by jj on Tue Aug 13 07:39:23 2013 (GMT)
from the guenther-to-play-dr-who-next-season dept.

Phillip Guenther(guenther@) has rolled over time on OpenBSD to 64 bits, avoiding Yet Another Time Apocalypsetm for at least another week.

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Radeon KMS committed
Contributed by jj on Mon Aug 12 13:57:10 2013 (GMT)
from the kernel-moose-settings dept.

Jonathan Gray (jsg@) just committed KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) for radeon cards!

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Octeon and Beagle now Full-Fledged Architectures
Contributed by tbert on Thu Jul 25 07:40:52 2013 (GMT)
from the welcome-to-the-club-now-get-to-work dept.

As some of you may have noticed, the OpenBSD architecture family has two new members, Beagle and Octeon. Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse(jasper@) and Patrick Wildt(patrick@) were kind enough to tell us about their efforts bringing these ports up to spec.

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Digital version of Book of PF now included with physical book
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Jul 19 16:47:03 2013 (GMT)
from the two-great-tastes-together-at-last dept.

Austin Hook(austin@) wrote to misc@ to let us all know about a new offer for purchasers of The Book of PF:

The main OpenBSD orders website is pleased to announce that the digital version of The Book of PF will now be made available for free whenever the physical version is ordered.

We are grateful to Peter Hansteen and No Starch Press for this additional feature.

Our view is that it is nice to have the portability of the digital version of these kinds of important reference books, and still a pleasure to have the comfort of that volume sitting on the shelf, handy to your main work station when needing a quick reminder about a technical point.

For all those who have previously ordered The Book of PF from us we are going to send out copies next week. If you don't see it, let us know if the email address has changed.


And Peter Hansteen chimes in from the fjord country that "I'm not sure who came up with the idea originally, but my own take once it came up was that anything that helps produce goodwill and if possible revenue for OpenBSD, I'm for it. So I told them to please go ahead. And the good folks at No Starch Press agreed with that sentiment."

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Toronto 2013 Hackathon Report - Ingo Schwarze
Contributed by weerd on Fri Jun 28 07:25:57 2013 (GMT)
from the real-men-run-man dept.

Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) submitted his view of Toronto, and a few bits of the stuff he was working on there:

During the first Toronto hackathon, I focused on the SQLite database backend for mandocdb(8). Currently, mandocdb is still disabled in OpenBSD-current, but it is intended to become a drop-in replacement for the makewhatis(8) utility, providing enhanced search capabilities for the apropos(1) manual page search utility.

In particular, it is designed to support searches for semantically annotated text in manual pages, for example to specifically search for subsection headers, utility options, file names, include files, function arguments, variable names, preprocessor macros, standard titles, author names, cross references, and much more.

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Using Yubikey For SSH Multi-Factor Authentication
Contributed by pitrh on Sun Jun 16 11:25:01 2013 (GMT)
from the ssh! key other keys dept.

Brandon Mercer (bmercer@) writes in to shed some light recently added alternative authentication methods in SSH:

For a long while now I've been complaining that usernames and passwords aren't enough. With ssh(1) you've also got keys and other variants, however the recent addition of AuthenticationMethods in sshd(8) really is a thing of beauty! What AuthenticationMethods allows you to do is specify a list, or multiple lists of chained authentication methods that must all be successful in order to authenticate the user.

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Christian Weisgerber (naddy@) t2k13 report
Contributed by jj on Sat Jun 15 20:21:41 2013 (GMT)
from the p-in-png-means-you-can-move-the-includes dept.

As usual at hackathons, I set out to touch some ports with lots of dependencies. After updating audio/flac to the first new release in almost six years turned out uneventful, I moved on to graphics/png.

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Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) t2k13 report: amd64 & i386 hibernate+resume
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Jun 14 19:15:37 2013 (GMT)
from the sleep and rude awakenings dept.

Mike Larkin's hackathon report offers some detail on hibernate and resume progress:

I had an abbreviated trip to Toronto, only being able to participate in the first four days of t2k13. I had originally planned to rework amd64 and i386 MTRRs since the way they are presently handled is difficult to understand, and I could not convince myself that they were even being handled properly in the first place. I was looking at MTRRs before the hackathon anyway, since I was trying to track down a reboot issue in hibernate resume, and MTRRs seemed like a possible suspect.

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