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OpenBSD 5.2 released
Contributed by weerd on Wed Oct 31 09:09:30 2012 (GMT)
from the 27B-6 dept.

November 1st 2012, Calgary, Alberta and elsewhere,

The OpenBSD project today announced the general availability of OpenBSD 5.2, the project's 33rd twice-yearly release. The big news in this release is the introduction of real kernel threads (as described in Philip Guenther's EuroBSDCon 2012 presentation, OpenBSD and "real" threads). But as usual this release contains a number of incremental and some fairly big and important improvements over previous releases. The release page has the fuller story.

Yes, you read this right: The developers of our favorite operating system have produced another top-notch, rock-solid release, delivered on time as per the six month release cycle. You will want this one.

As usual, those of us who pre-ordered early have already got our CD sets, T-shirts and other swag. But it's still not too late to order your own sets, or even contribute a donation!

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Thin client solution based on OpenBSD
Contributed by phessler on Fri Oct 26 14:01:20 2012 (GMT)
from the bang-the-drum-all-day dept.

OpenBSD developer Robert Nagy writes in to tell us about how they use OpenBSD at work:

The m:tier thin client is a small application written in Python that can be executed as a window manager replacement. It provides a clean UI for the thin client hardware in order to allow the user to easily execute all the needed applications. We have been using thin client hardware from IGEL to have a simple and usable hardware base for our thin client. The machine itself is a really simple i386 machine with enough power to support most of the needs. As usual, we have chosen OpenBSD as the operating system because of its simplicity and the fact that it’s the most secure and sane operating system out there.

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EuroBSDCon 2012 wrap up
Contributed by phessler on Mon Oct 22 18:20:20 2012 (GMT)
from the nostrovia! dept.

Recently returned (and some still there) from Warsaw Poland, there were many OpenBSD talks given at EuroBSDCon 2012.

We started off with the ever popular tutorial

  • Building The Network You Need with PF by Peter N. M. Hansteen

    And then continued with OpenBSD related talks:
  • Using routing domains / routing tables in a production network by Peter Hessler
  • Improvements in the IPsec stack and OpenBSD cryptographic framework by Mike Belopuhov
  • OpenBSD’s new queueing subsystem by Henning Brauer
  • Advances in packages and ports in OpenBSD by Marc Espie
  • OpenBSD and "real" threads by Philip Guenther

    Many thanks to the Organizers, Speakers and Attendees for an excellent conference.

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    Budapest g2k12 Hackathon part IV
    Contributed by jj on Thu Sep 20 17:27:23 2012 (GMT)
    from the a-new-hope dept.

    The editors apologize for the extreme delay in this, our penultimate installment of our hackathon reportage!

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    BSDTalk interview with David Gwynne
    Contributed by pitrh on Fri Sep 7 06:26:53 2012 (GMT)
    from the puffy can haz wirez dept.

    BSDTalk has posted a 30 minute interview with David Gwynne (dlg@). Topics include RAID drivers, SCSI, and networking.

    Listen to the interview here:

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    Pre-Orders For 5.2 Now Open
    Contributed by pitrh on Wed Sep 5 08:01:38 2012 (GMT)
    from the swing into action dept.

    As Yendor was the first to report, Preorders for OpenBSD 5.2 are now open. The commit that did it all came from Theo de Raadt (deraadt@), and is preserved in the list archives:

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    Budapest g2k12 Hackathon part III
    Contributed by tbert on Fri Aug 10 07:54:46 2012 (GMT)
    from the tuff-sheet dept.

    Still more stories of exotic Budapest have come trickling in!

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    Budapest g2k12 Hackathon part II
    Contributed by tbert on Wed Aug 1 12:50:12 2012 (GMT)
    from the better-late-than-never dept.

    After some delay, yet more hackathon reportage coming your way!

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    Budapest g2k12 Hackathon part I
    Contributed by tbert on Mon Jul 23 10:41:57 2012 (GMT)
    from the dont-go-in-the-subway dept.

    The Editors are finally readjusting to life outside The Pearl of the Danube and are ready to shower you with stories of lands afar!

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