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EuroBSDCon 2012 Call For Proposals Is Out
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Mar 2 09:06:58 2012 (GMT)
from the Puffies! Daemons! Cats! Insects! Flags! dept.

The organizers of EuroBSDCon 2012 wrote in to tell us that their Call For Proposals is out:

EuroBSDcon is the European technical conference for users and developers on BSD-based systems. The EuroBSDcon 2012 conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland from Thursday 18 October 2012 to Sunday 21 October 2012, with tutorials on Thursday and Friday and talks on Saturday and Sunday.

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BSD-Day 2012: Invitation
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Feb 24 06:16:13 2012 (GMT)
from the deaemons & puffies mingling dept.

Gabor Pali wrote in to announce and invite OpenBSDers to the upcoming BSD-Day in Vienna, Austria. Gabor writes,

Dear All,

I am glad to inform you that we are again organizing a "DanuBSDCon" (aka. BSD-Day). It is going to be held at the UAS Technikum Wien in Vienna, Austria on Saturday May 5, 2012 as part of the Austrian Linuxweeks (Linuxwochen).

We would like to invite everybody — anybody who is just looking for an excuse to make a short trip to Central Europe, spend a nice weekend in Vienna, join us for a beer, talk about her favourite topic, or meet fellow developers from the region (and from other BSD flavours), or accidentally will not be able to make it to Canada :-)

So, please contact me if you are interested!

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SI6 Networks: OpenBSD Well Ahead Of The Pack In IPv6 Fragment Handling Sanity (and RFC compliance)
Contributed by pitrh on Tue Feb 21 14:09:10 2012 (GMT)
from the they weren't supposed to exist dept.

In a blog post titled IPv6 NIDS evasion and improvements in IPv6 fragmentation/reassembly, security consultants SI6 Networks report on some experiments they conducted recently in order to test IPv6 fragment handling in various general-purpose operating systems.

While the authors did not say so in so many words, the conclusion is that OpenBSD is ahead of the pack in both RFC compliance as well as sane and secure handling of IPv6 fragments.

Read the full article over at the SI6 site: IPv6 NIDS evasion and improvements in IPv6 fragmentation/reassembly

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SSH Mastery pre-orders now available, to benefit OpenBSD
Contributed by weerd on Sat Feb 18 08:51:26 2012 (GMT)
from the plant-a-tree dept.

Michael W. Lucas writes in with news about his book, SSH Mastery:

The OpenBSD Project is selling SSH Mastery print version as a fund-raiser. If you've been waiting for a print copy, this is your chance.

If you don't need it, you know someone who is still using passwords with SSH. Buy a copy. Slap them soundly with it.

The book is now available from the OpenBSD site. Please visit for details

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SSH Mastery: A Very Welcome Addition to Any Unix User's Bookshelf
Contributed by pitrh on Sun Jan 22 18:18:22 2012 (GMT)
from the crypted intartubes dept.

The first paragraph of this book's afterword reads:

"You now know more about SSH, OpenSSH and Putty than the vast majority of IT professionals! Congratulations".

That claim will be true for any reader of SSH Mastery who has read the book up to that point and has incorporated at least some of the elements of the configurations it describes into their own environments.

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Using OpenBSD VMs to teach Unix
Contributed by pitrh on Fri Jan 13 17:33:34 2012 (GMT)
from the Talking loud and clear dept.

In episode 208 of his bsdtalk podcast, Will Backman talks about how he uses OpenBSD virtual machines to aid in his teaching of a Unix course at the University of Maine, along with details of why he chose it and how it helps round-out his pupils' understanding of different Unixes.

The podcast files (15min, 7MB) are available here:

Ogg: , MP3:

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wiconfig - simplifies the configuration of wireless interfaces
Contributed by sean on Fri Jan 13 17:09:22 2012 (GMT)
from the airborne packets dept.

Daniel M wrote in about the wiconfig script that he wrote to handle moving a laptop between networks:

So, I got tired of doing my little time saving workarounds every time I connected to a wireless network and decided to look for a solution. Several people have posted little wireless scripts here, to misc@ and minor modifications to help simplify and automate the configuration of wireless, but the scripts never seemed to go far enough.

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OpenBSD reaches 5.0!
Contributed by pitrh on Sat Nov 12 17:19:57 2011 (GMT)
from the regular-as-clockwork dept.

As several submitters wrote in to remind us, Following the regular 6-monthly schedule, OpenBSD 5.0 was released on 1 November and is available on CDs and online.

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Reports from EuroBSDcon 2011
Contributed by pitrh on Sat Nov 5 12:23:45 2011 (GMT)
from the better late than never dept.

Frédéric Perrin wrote in with this EuroBSDCon conference report:

Back from EuroBSDcon 2011 that took place in the beginning of October in the Netherlands, I started to organise my notes, and finally published them.

Topics that where covered include OpenBSD port to UltraSPARC T1 and T2 processors, by kettenis@; the Minix 3 architecture and how Minix was designed with reliability and security in mind by Herbert Bos; NPF: a new packet filter for NetBSD 6.0 by Zoltan Arnold Nagy, and others topics: storage, virtualisation, history of *BSD systems, etc.

Slides for other OpenBSD talks given in EuroBSDcon (and in other conferences) are available on-line.

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