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Call for testers: ACPI suspend on laptops

Contributed by maxime on from the labrats dept.

Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) has called out on the tech@ mailing list for aggressive testing the new ACPI suspend/resume code to be shipped in the upcoming OpenBSD 4.8 release. Please read on for Theo's message:

From: Theo de Raadt 
Subject: laptop suspend tests & reports wanted
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2010 08:27:23 -0600

We are moving towards the 4.8 release.

A major feature of 4.8 will be ACPI-based suspend for i386/amd64 laptops.

It would be very nice if people could grab -current and put their laptops
through the paces, then send us a report to with

	- a proper long subject (model of machine, what works, what does not)
	- a proper looking dmesg
	- output of sysctl hw.sensors
	- any additional information which you think is helpful


Please note that Theo wanted to say DO NOT use a MIME mailer, so please send your dmesg and sysctl output inline. This testing campaign is really important so users are strongly urged to test on each and every laptop they can find.

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  1. By Francisco Valladolid (ficovh) on

    This is a great feature, I'm testing it on a IBM T61.


    1. By Gabriel Guzman (gabe) on

      > This is a great feature, I'm testing it on a IBM T61.
      > Regards.

      Downloading snapshot now...


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