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Add vmctl send and vmctl receive
Contributed by phessler on Sun Jul 16 18:49:30 2017 (GMT)
from the move-along-nothing-to-see-here dept.

As we see from the commit message, new developer Pratik Vyas (pd@) adds the ability to do paused VM migrations for VMM.

Mike Larkin also writes on Twitter:

#OpenBSD vmctl(8) : vmctl send myvm | ssh vmctl receive Yes, it's that easy.
Ed: this is *paused* migrations, not live migrations.


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  Re: Add vmctl send and vmctl receive (mod 3/3)
by Will Backman (2600:1000:b025:4ad3:d189:3128:3281:5849) on Mon Jul 17 23:11:20 2017 (GMT)
  Stop making it so easy! How will you justify excessive licensing and support fees? ;)

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  Re: Add vmctl send and vmctl receive (mod 2/2)
by aste ( on Sun Jul 23 08:06:23 2017 (GMT)
  How long until vmm can run xorg? Are there any plans for something like that?
I would love to run linux desktop with vmm. I would no longer need to multiboot.
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