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m2k14: Antoine Jacoutot on GNOME, Heimdal, and Further Heartbleed Fallout
Contributed by tbert on Thu May 1 17:37:35 2014 (GMT)
from the who-then-will-sound-the-gjallarhorn dept.

Antoine Jacoutot (antoine@) tells us about the wrangling of mythical beings, big and small:

Since I always fail at actually doing whatever I have planned for a hackathon, this time I decided to come to m2k14 "unprepared" about what I was going to do.

I committed an update to Heimdal which turned out was not necessary since Kerberos got dropped from base a few days later. People still requiring Kerberos can give a shot at my WIP port at:

As usual, I updated a whole bunch of ports, including icedtea-web, webkit, gstreamer1... nothing fancy, just the regular minor updates and maintenance. I also removed some v4l2 support from ports since our implementation was never kept up-to-date and became pretty much incompatible with newer things using it.

Then I spent a huge amount of time pushing some of our GNOME-related patches upstream. I am currently working on making OpenBSD build and run JHBuild (the GNOME git master build tool) to make sure portability issues are spotted early in the development process and to prevent us from having to maintain dozens of local patches.

Then LibreSSL happened and right after, the Kerberos removal so I spent quite some time with sthen@ fixing the ports tree to cope with these.

It was my first time in Morocco and I enjoyed my stay quite a lot. Big thanks to the OpenBSD donators, the University Cadi Ayyad and logan@ for making it happen.

The after-the-party cleaning isn't always the sexiest of jobs, but you'd notice it if it wasn't done; a hearty thanks to Antoine for shoveling the mess to keep things on track!


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