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Interview with Theo de Raadt: Integer overflows - the next big threat

Contributed by grey on from the hitb aftermath dept.

Ravind Ramesh of The Star TechCentral writes about Theo's talk from earlier in the month at HITBSecConf and a bit more here.

Also of note to our readers, as this is a series of articles from the HITBSecConf, is a feature with Jose Nazario discussing the current state of network tools. While no mention is made of the OpenBSD book he co-authored, it is still an interesting read. You can find that here.

It appears that the conference organizers plan to release bittorrents of video recordings from the talks. We'll do our best to track when this occurs and post a link here when available.

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  1. By Bdoserror ( on

    From the article about Jose:
    " However, he declined to name any particular programming language saying that itís a matter of personal choice. "

    HEATHEN! UNCLEAN! We all know that <your favourite language> is the One True Way! Come down off fence, you flip flopper.

    Refreshing to see someone stay out of the triviality wars, and for it not to be passed over in the media.

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